Deaf Kids Travel Miles for an Education, Part II

Another story broke today about deaf children travelling ridiculous distances to get a decent education.

This time, the Belfast Telegraph reports that seven deaf children from Northern Ireland are having to travel to ENGLAND to get the education they deserve at a combined annual cost to the taxpayer of £250,000. The reason is because Northern Ireland cannot offer Grammar School standard education to deaf children, forcing them to travel big distances and face separation from their families and friends in order to fulfil their potential.

One of the Mums, Mrs Massey, who teaches in a Co Antrim secondary school, said: “Why should my son be denied a grammar school education just because of his hearing loss? I wanted only the best for him and in my opinion the best was Mary Hare, the National Grammar School for the Deaf.”

“It was a huge wrench, breaking up our family, fear of the unknown, worrying if the right decision had been made – and criticism, usually unspoken but still felt, that it was a terrible thing to send your child away.”

“You do what’s right for your child and we feel we made the right decision sending him to board – he has really blossomed.”

Happens more than you’d think…


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