One Teacher of the Deaf for 95 Deaf Children..NDCS Slams Islington Council

Islington News reports today that NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society) have criticised Islington Council for their woeful provision of teaching support for deaf children.

According to NDCS, Islington only provide one specialist Teacher of the Deaf for 95 deaf children in the borough. That’s almost double the average workload and all going on right under the nose of NDCS who are based in .. you guessed it.. Islington! The Council were not going to get away with it for long..
The local MP is getting involved too. Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington south and Finsbury, who has added her weight to the campaign, said: 

“I am writing to the local authority asking them to have a look at the problem and how we can get together to make sure deaf children get the help they need. Some children are being left out in the cold and we need to know why.”

In Peterborough, the good news is that there will be no cuts to the service for deaf children but that’s not the story in many places across the UK. The NDCS Cuts Map show the damage but pressure on councils is paying off to reverse some of the cuts being imposed on the education of deaf children and their families. 

Lets hope this one gets sorted before they end up in court too..

4 thoughts on “One Teacher of the Deaf for 95 Deaf Children..NDCS Slams Islington Council

  1. Yet in cambs (I am in Yaxley) we cannot get any kind of teacher for the deaf because with only 70 loss (sensory neural and then glue ear on top which makes it worse at certain times) we aren't deaf enough


  2. The NDCS and other charities and parents need an legal action on the human rights front. Whilst they have managed to halt one area's cuts many others carry on anyway. You need national action at the highest legal level to halt it. It's no good piecemeal, the system will just pick you off.


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