Beware: DeafBlind UK’s Facebook Page Cloned by ‘Spammer’

Deafblind UK today warned Facebook users to be on the lookout for a fake DeafBlind UK site set up on Facebook.

The charity, which is based in Peterborough and is the UK’s largest promoting the interests of people who are deaf and blind, raised the alarm today via Facebook to warn people that a fake site had been created.

So far, the fake site has 44 ‘friends’ against the real site’s 1800 and Facebook’s administrators have been made aware of the cloned site.

Here is the message posted by DeafBlind UK today on deaf related sites across Facebook:

Deafblind UK’s Facebook profile has been cloned from Sat, 1st October and this came to our attention yesterday. The spammer has set up a profile using the same name as ours: DeafblindUk Charity.We have reported this to Facebook but wanted to get in touch with you all straight away and ask you to block or unfriend them. We really appreciate your support. Please contact us to let us know if you have received any unwelcome spam emails and we will log down this information.

Contact DeafBlind UK here: 

It’s not the first time that deaf people have been targeted by spammers or criminals on Facebook or the internet.

Stay vigilant.. 


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