Music and the Deaf Was Great!

Music and the Deaf came to Peterborough for the first time on the 15th October. 

Within 2 hours deaf students learnt to play pieces on an array of musical instruments. Guided by Cambridgeshire Music tutors the Peterborough students in attendance had developed their musical skills. 

Hayley played the horn to everyone plus learnt how to play the cello. Holly played the oboe to everyone as well as learning to play the guitar, flute and sax. Scott revealed music talents with the flute, which he played to everyone plus guitar and sax. Everyone played the Indian drums Dhol – closing the taster session with an amazing group performance.

There were also violins and guitar played by the St Ives students. It was great fun and we all hope to see it as a monthly event based in Peterborough.

Cambridgeshire Music can lend instruments for students to practice with at home. 

Picture – Hayley Mitchell plays an instrument

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