Mental health factsheets translated into BSL

Many of the Mental Health and Growing Up factsheets available from The Royal College of Psychiatrists have now been translated into BSL:

Coping with stress
Depression in young people
Psychotic illness
Understanding autism
When bad things happen
Drugs and alcohol
Stimulant medication
Worries and anxieties
Good parenting

Other translations include: Arabic, Bengali, Brazilian (Portuguese), Chinese, French, Greek, Gujurati, Hindu, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu and Welsh.

Follow link, scroll down to locate BSL translations.


2 thoughts on “Mental health factsheets translated into BSL

  1. Interesting access but my deaf partner and I have an autistic child and require sign AND captions to follow properly so at this point they are not accessible enough, there should be dual access on all signed stuff. Not enough is taken into account of regional sign differences either and my area can have as much as 43% difference in some signs. It's access to the few really. Having dealt with 'Deaf' psychiatrists in the past, on behalf of my friend with depression, most could not sign themselves.


  2. @MM – what area you live in? Also Royal College of Psychiatrists have leaflets English language you can use read with BSL (same Signpost BSL news: English language one side BSL on screen). Impossible make BSL versions all regional variations. Agree more health professionals could learn BSL but then Deaf have access interpreters.
    I think BSL translations very good, help me understand a lot. Remember not long ago BSL users have no access any information like this. This good start.


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