Adult hearing services: NHS proposal to out source

The views of community members are currently being sought by the NHS Cambridgeshire and NHS Peterborough about external providers for 8 services including adult hearing services. The changes will be in place by September 2012.

To give your views complete the questionnaire Click here
 (starts on page 5 of the document)

Deadline is Monday 5 March 2012.
Questionnaire can be returned to the FREEPOST address provided at the end of the questionnaire or you can email completed questionnaire to

One thought on “Adult hearing services: NHS proposal to out source

  1. I cannot comment on Peterborough decisions, I can state that outsourcing is being opposed here in Wales and SS e.g. taken to task by the welsh office for so doing, mainly because they 'outsourced' to areas with unqualified staff to assist those with Hearing loss. I urge those with hearing loss who require extra support to check out ANY area they are referred to (I did and found an area deaf and HI were referred to, and to ask for help had no-one with any experience of sensory loss ! We must refuse to be referred to charities also that have no continuity of funding, since once we abdicate the state support option we are at the whims of charity handouts and most are in dire straits. My SS dept has been referred to the ombudsman and welsh office for trying to 'dump' those with hearing loss elsewhere.


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