Access at the doctors surgery – Do you know your rights?

To inform and remind deaf young people and adults of their rights a PDDCS member has shared the following account of a recent appiontment at the doctor surgery and the positive follow up outcomes

“When my mum was rang the doctor for need appointment and also interpreter but not there because the receptionist said not there book for appointment. I have to bring my own to interpreter. When I arrive the healthy centre and waited for the doctor, the doctor called me then went the room and I found out the interpreter is not there made me fed up, angry, helpless and unhappy with the receptionist because the doctor always confuse when I have been explain what happened the past and why I be ill. I think receptionist cannot bother and not respect to each other that people is deaf.Today, I found out that my teacher of the deaf been told me good news about an interpreter. All deaf people have right to interpreter because my teacher of the deaf has campaign to make sure all doctor knows all deaf people wants interpreter. I was really happy and shock that happen and want to thanks to teacher of the deaf for help and made them more aware about deaf. I hope all the doctor will never happen again and not forget”.

In response to this experience the following statement has been provided on behalf of NHS Peterborough:

“NHS Peterborough is committed equality of access to services for all including people with sensory difficulties regardless of age. Please refer to the NHS Interpretation and translation policy. We expect our patients to have a positive experience however should you experience any difficulty please do not hesitate to contact: Geeta Pankhania – Programme Lead and contact for complaints concerning the provision of Interpretation and Translation Services Tel: 01733 75859 Email

Please note when booking an appointment to ask for an interpreter as they need advance booking.


One thought on “Access at the doctors surgery – Do you know your rights?

  1. Excellent account you've given! Well done to you and everyone involved in overcoming this matter – keep up the good work, one more Deaf Awareness point has been achieved!!!


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