The poetic musing of our deaf Romeo

Imran Mahmood is a very friendly young teenager with the typical language delays associated with bilateral severe to profound hearing loss. Imran often underestimates his own ability with regards to his understanding of the English language. Last weekend, after completing his homework, Imran was inspired to write the poem below.  I feel this writing encapsulates a beauty that generates a huge heart warming smile. Well done Imran!!!


Chug Chug Choo Choo,
As a train arrive on a platform 19
As sitting on the bench mysterious girl appear by my side
Her hair is like a wind was upon me
Smell of dove, her cheek was like a strawberry clear

Her pretty looks surround you like flower bloom
Her voice was all passible lyrical way to come and approach you
Her eye was full of ocean a sun set arrive,
can be brown beauty just like mine

Her face is mirror shine like looking glass
Her smell was of Elizabeth Taylor perfume last

I ask mysterious girl ‘are you thirsty?’
She said ‘’yeah’’
I ask her ‘’what your name?’’
I go fetch some tea for her but the mysterious girl disappear.


22 thoughts on “The poetic musing of our deaf Romeo

  1. Imran, this is a beautiful, heartfelt poem. There are certain parts of this poem I find very touching and emotional. Well done! This makes me proud to be a part of the Jack Hunt community!


  2. Imran !!
    Didnt know you could write a poem !!! Amazing especially deaf!
    Guess what Imran, you the 1st deaf person to read the poem. 🙂

    Now wheres my drink im on the platform 18 heheh


  3. Wag wan cuzzi this amir hussain I remember U back in 2007/8 when U waz in year 7 (good times man) you waz like my little brother part of the gang. nice poem man maybe U can write one about the good times yeah


  4. Lovely poem young man sounds like you have an excellent imagination put it too good use and keep up the good work action man can't wait to hear more


  5. I am proud of you. If you keep on trying you will always achieve what you want. Carry on writing and making us all happy with your great poetic ability. DONT stop writing we are all waiting for your next piece!!!


  6. You remind me of my favourite singer in the band One Direction, Zayn Malik because he is good at poems too !!!! Keep up the good work


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