Action on Hearing Loss Launch New Deaf Forum

Two people having a conversation. 
Leading national deaf charity, Action on Hearing Loss, have launched a new forum this week for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. 

Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID) already have two forums where people discuss Tinnitus or products and equipment but this new forum has been set-up for general discussion topics relating to deafness or hearing loss. Sub-forum categories will be introduced in the coming weeks. 
The forum is moderated by the charity’s Information Line who are there to help answer any questions relating to deafness, for example about rights, equipment or benefits, or take feedback from forum users. 
Have a look at the new forum here post a question of your own or join in the debate. 

One thought on “Action on Hearing Loss Launch New Deaf Forum

  1. This is down to an 4 year determined campaign by Andy/MM to get the deaf voice back at RNID/AOHL. Please use that voice or lose it. we are pleased there now seems sufficient effective moderation in place to keep out those who wanted to deny deaf people that voice. It is also an acceptance social sites AOHL ran failed to engage people at grass root level.


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