‘Life and Deaf’ Collective Poetry Showcase

Well done to the PDDCS members who had extracts of their poetry, written 3 years ago, showcased in an event at the SouthBank Centre on 29th March 2012. A short film was created based on a ‘collective poem’ made up of lines from over 50 poems of the Life & Deaf website. Other creative work based on the ‘collective poem’, including an audio poem (interpreted in British Sign Language) and a visual/sign performance by deaf students were are also presented. There were performances by the acclaimed professional poets Richard Carter, John Agard and Grace Nichols.
Started in 2006 the Life & Deaf projects use poetry and the arts to help young deaf people explore their identities and develop communication skills and emotional literacy. Their overall aim is to improve the mental health of future generations of deaf people as well as raise deaf awareness within families, schools and the wider community.

The quality of poetry created by the young people is superb. Check them out!!!

Life and Deaf continue to welcome any new poetry submissions  (with parental consent).

There will be a Life & Deaf exhibition of poetry and photography in the Greenwich Picturehouse cinema for all of April 2012. The exhibition is in the bar area on the first floor and in the downstairs space near screen 5.


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