PDDCS raises £700 for Local Fire Family .. but so much more to do

Andy Palmer, Secretary of the society handed over cheques worth over £650 to Louise Stokes, mother of deaf child and PDDCS member Charley, to go towards the cost of repairing her house following a fire in February that caused extensive damage and rendered the property uninhabitable. Back then the family was separated and they are still not back together.

Andy Palmer handing over cheques worth £650 to Louisa Stokes
Louisa said: “Thanks so much for the donations. They will help to cover the cost of plastering the house – the whole house had to be re-done and that alone cost me over £1000.
“The kids aren’t back yet – this has all taken longer than I realised it would but I will keep working till they are back and the house is put right.”
The donation was made up from the generosity of people via the Virgin Giving page. £150 from the Peterborough Lions and £100 from a paint company. A very big thanks to all those who have donated so far – the money makes a big difference. In addition, Louisa also thanked people for the kind donations of toys, furniture and clothes. “It means so much to me” she said. “I don’t know most of the  people who have helped and I just want to say a big thanks for everything.” 
Back in February and March, teams of volunteers from Action on Hearing Loss, Jack Hunt School and Peterborough Sensory Support Services volunteered to help get some of the work done and made some progress but three months on from the fire and work still continues on the house. “There is still much to be done”. said Andy Palmer.
“The house still needs to be painted throughout. All the carpets must be replaced and all the electrical fittings must also be changed as they are blackened and in some cases warped. A downstairs window must also be replaced as it cannot be opened thanks to the heat from the fire.” he continued. 
“I renew the appeal for people’s generosity. The Virgin Giving page is still up and running and we have a new target to reach of £1,000 which will help cover the cost of paint and some carpeting. If anyone can help with ideas or a donation, then the sooner this little girl and her family are reunited.”

To make a donation, please visit the Virgin Giving page or if you can offer help in another way, please contact Louisa direct on 07989 435395

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