Family Fun Day images

Happy Girl – Angry Bird: Chloe Peacock show’s what on offer

Some of the goodies for sale

Smiler! Daniel Monaf enjoys the colouring

Easy does it .. William Palmer working the clay

Here’s a few we made earlier: Some of the kids creations

Focus: Leah Monaf adds to her creation 

Sweet ball of lollipops! All for the kids, all for free!

And the winner is: Chloe Peacock’s gymnastics medal haul is incredible

Welcome to PDDCS! Charlene Spires and Anna Baker give a warm welcome

And a one, two, three and four .. Music and the Deaf: Performing arts and warming hearts.

Katie Bocking: Jumps out of planes and plays the cello

Chyanne Golding: Jumps out of planes and plays the Cello. 

Keeping the rhythm: Calum MacDonald on the drums
Thanks to the lovely Kirsty D for the communication support

Chyanne Golding and Katie Bocking. Respect.  

Whack it! William Palmer plays the Indian Drums

Indian Dancing

William, Chloe, Katie, Calum and William dancing

Adrian Fisher shows his boy the ropes…sorry sticks.

The cake decorating area proved very popular .. and colourful

Try and say they don’t look awesome .. see .. impossible

Chyanne Golding’s invention this – using nail varnish to create fantastic patterns on paper. 

A big screen showed off what PDDCS is about all day long. 

Andy Palmer presents John Cheetham with his specially engraved tankard

And gives him a hug

The crowd look on during the presentation

Andy Palmer presents TQ with a gift to thank her for all her help

Andy Palmer presents Jack Hunt School Head Teacher, Pamela Kilbey with a gift.

Nicola Epathite rewards a youngster for her awesome cake decoration

And she runs away very happy!

Chloe Peacock gets a special mention for all her achievements in the gymnasium

And finally .. Andy Palmer springs a surprise on Nicola Epathite and gives her big bunch of flowers to say thanks for everything she does.


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