TLM’s £3,000 Sky Dive Pictures are here!

Ever so slightly excited .. The Three Little Midgets (TLM) all smiles after suiting-up.

There’s the plane that the TLM will jump from – someone check the oil, would ya? 
Doesn’t matter how much you flap – the parachute is the only way down if you like breathing … 

TLM (Katie Bocking, Chyanne Golding and Tara Forkin) inside the cafe with helmets, goggles and parachutes on. Time for a last minute burger? 
Is she saying ‘GOAL’ or ‘NOOO!’? My lipreading isn’t all that good. Anyway – who scored?

Oil..check .. Petrol … Check .. Propeller .. Check .. TLM .. Check .. Parachutes .. Check ..
Three Grand? .. Cheque! Get up the there girls!
No turning back now .. so  I guess it’s time to push some scenery past the windows .. and then the girls out of the door. 

On the way down now .. Impossible to tell which one this is but its one of them, I promise.  Even if I did know which one it was, if I told you, I’d have to kill you.
Back in the war days, there was a saying .. Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes .. camera’s these days have wonderful zoom lenses and stuff though – although you wouldn’t know it from the last two pictures.

Ah that’s better .. here comes .. er, one of them! It’s my age. Eyesight ain’t what it used to be. If you can make it out – leave    your suggestion in the comments and I’ll update it after my nap. 

A midget has landed and bought £3,000 with her. 

Back on terra-firma (that means solid earth in Latin) and the TLM with their experts face the cameras and the adoring friends and family who, to be frank, think these three girls are awesome. Their bravery is gonna put plenty of smiles on deaf children’s faces this year. 

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