Deaf blind man’s ‘world-first’ short film

Watch this world-first video that was filmed, directed and starred in by the same deaf-blind man,  from Ely in Cambridgeshire.

Jamie McCullough, who is 30 years old and has Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that is the leading cause for deafblindness, made this video called ‘Awakening 2011’ to prove the doubters wrong.

His mother, Marilyn, told PDDCS News: “Last summer he made a video by himself using only the poor camera on his phone because he didn’t have any other equipment to prove to everyone who said you’re deaf and blind you can’t make films.”

Point proven then. Jamie is an accomplished artist with a BA Honours Degree in illustration and sells his own artwork which is simply stunning. Jamie displayed some of his work at the recent PDDCS Fun-day to wide acclaim from the people who saw his stunning talent.

Jamie will be attending the Deaf Role Models Event in September when Ted Evans and Charlie Swinbourne will be coming to Peterborough to talk about how they built their respective careers. Have you got your tickets yet?


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