PDDCS on the Telly again!

Last term PDDCS member Chyanne and many other deaf and hearing students from the Jack Hunt School in Peterborough worked on the NDCS’s (National Deaf Children’s Society) Look Smile Chat campaign.

BBC See Hear wanted to know all about the campaign and devoted a large part of today’s episode to it. Catch their TV appearance with this BBC iplayer link, Chyanne talks about what it feels like mixing in hearing world as a deaf teenager and how the campaign can help improve social links with other teenagers.

Incidentally, the person featured in the piece before Chyanne, preparing for a role at the Paralympic opening ceremony, is BBC reporter David Hay. Now the link here is that David Stars in the film ‘My Song’ which is about what it can be like being a deaf teenager! Go figure?!

More links too as the film ‘My Song‘ is written and directed by Charlie Swinbourne who will be in Peterborough on Friday to talk about his film-making with Ted Evans who made a film about the performers at the Paralympics! And guess who will meet those film makers on Friday? You guessed it – Chyanne!

Enjoy the clip and well done to you all.


3 thoughts on “PDDCS on the Telly again!

  1. chyanne is my sister and i'm very very proud of her confidence to be on telly and tell people how it affects her everyday life and to all the people who has helped her thankyou. And to others who suffer from hearing loss i just wanna say keep that head held up high as you are giving a insight to others,help and support. watching the tv clip of my little sister chyanne brang tears to my eyes and i'm very proud of her. all my love, shelley xxx


  2. I empathise with your proud feeling – you have a good sister. Family can bring emotion all too often. We are all proud of Chyanne . . . . . . . Everyone else too 🙂


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