Charlie and Ted dazzle Peterborough

Ted meets Jamie McCullough

It was a night to remember for those at the John Clare Theatre in Peterborough’s city centre on Friday as Ted Evans and Charlie Swinbourne shared their stories of how they made thier careers in film making, script writing and journalism.

Intertwined with the fascinating and inspiring stories were specially made video clips from Ted and captivating examples of Charlie’s film making work including ‘My Song’ and ‘Four Deaf Yorkshiremen’. Ted gave glimpses of his award winning film ‘The End’ and revealed how he put together the film for the opening ceremony of the London Paralympic Games.

It was revealed at the end of the evening that Ted and Charlie have agreed to work as consultants on a potential PDDCS film project and that two deaf actors have also agreed to come down and help any budding deaf actors or actresses from Peterborough learn how to do it. Add to that PDDCS have also got the support of the BSLBT (British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust) to develop a film in readiness for Deaffest 2013 and everything is in place for PDDCS’s first film! Keep an eye on PDDCS news for updates.

I would like to thank Jack Hunt School for their funding of the evening and Teresa Quail for her efforts in organising the night. Finally – thanks to Ted and Charlie for an outstanding evening – it was an evening we won’t forget. Poigniantly the evening ended with the final sequence from Ted’s film ‘From us to you’.

Charlie meets Jamie too – Jamie made his own film and is a potential storyboard creator

Andy Palmer with Ted and Charlie

Charlie asks for Tara Forkin’s autograph

Charlie and Ted take the questions at the end (and maybe about The End)

Charlie looks on at one of Ted’s captivating custom made clips for the event

In conversation – Charlie looks impressed as Ted tals about his film making roots

Andy shows Ted and Charlie his biceps


As if by magic … He’s got a winning smile that lad Calum..

Mo shows how to groom the perfect beard.

Ted and Charlie get the attention they deserve from the audience

Calum = cool

Andy: Can we all stop chatting and get on with the show? 


Ted, Charlie and some aspiring film makers..

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