Guess who we bumped into at the football?

Regular readers (and over 1 million other people across the world) may recognise this little girl with her mummy and daddy. This is a Ava with her dad Nick and mum Lilli who we featured on PDDCS News back in January when a video of Ava signing at the dinner table went viral on the internet.

I (Andy) bumped into them at GB Deaf Football’s match today verus Greece. Greece won 2-0 and ended GB’s hopes of playing at next years Deaflympics. Shame – as GB had the majority of the ball and chances. There was a lot of unhappy and disappointed GB footballers around afterwards as the Greeks went wild.

During the match, Dad Nick, who is also a retired GB Deaf football international and is heavily involved in Fulham Deaf Football Club told me that he posted the video on his Facebook page and people just kept sharing it – until eventually it was shared over 4,000 times and the hits just kept racking up!

You’ll be pleased to know that Ava is well and her sign language is even more impressive than it was in January. See the video that went round the world below..


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