UK Deaf Sport secure £125k for Deaflympics

UK Deaf SportMore from UK Deaf Sport today and this time its not about history – its about the future. Sport England have revealed that they are funding UK Deaf Sport (UKDS) to the tune of £125,000 to support athletes going to the Deaflympic Games in Sofia next year.

Following on from the success of the Paralympians and Olympians this year, the news gives deaf athletes some feeling of being recognised by the UK sporting authorities after having all funding pulled last year so it could be given to the already tremendously well funded Team and Paralympic GB althletes instead. The money will not help the athletes pay for travel and accommodation so they can actually take part though – this is just for training. The athletes will need another £165,000 to get there. Compare the amount given to the Deaflympians to the £500 Million spent on the Olympic and Paralympic teams to prepare them for Rio in 2016.

Have a look at the video highlights of the last Deaflympic Games in Taipei:


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