Review of 2012: Revealing the creative side

2012 saw PDDCS members, young and old, share their creative skills. Here is what we had the pleasure of posting.

Inspired by submissions from deaf teens in 2011 and work presented to the ‘Life and Deaf’ collection, some members plucked the courage to put pen to paper and record their poetic musings. One young member even took to the stage in a local mainstream poetry evening to present his poem. 

Imran’s ‘Untitled’
Imran’s ‘Haunted House’
Ayesha’s ‘Some girl I am’
Zaimah’s ‘Start new life’
Zaimah’s ‘Bright’
Dean’s ‘Blessed – from a deaf student 20 years on’
Andrew’s ‘Thanks to the workshop taskforce’
Zaimah- Zaimah Sonnet
Anon – ‘My boyfriend’
Dean’s ‘Jack Hunt’
Andrew’s ‘Andy’s Answer’
Fatima’s ‘About me’

Each poem reveals the hidden talents of the PDDCS members and they are all well worth the read.
We look forward to publishing some new pieces in 2013

Personal accounts
The personal stories from young deaf members touched many readers which is reflected in the many posted comments:
Fatima’s ‘All about me’
Chyanne’s ‘I’m deaf, so what!’
We can’t forget the new columnist- A mother’s diary

Various art talents were developed at the Family Fun Day which also featured the work of Jamie ‘Lloyd’ McCullough– a deafblind artist as well as the creative caricatures of a PDDCS member, Imran, in his role of resident artist and artistic support of young Fatima.

In addition, 2012 brought the launch of Chyanne’s art blog and the first PDDCS comic strip submission.

With the Music and the Deaf sessions going from strength to strength throughout 2012 the success of the Summer concert has lead to the young people being invited to perform at a wide range of events in 2013. Watch this space for updates of those events.

With Jacob Casselden’s input, the PDDCS members are preparing for their first Deaffest submission. Earlier this year young William Palmer showcased his acting skills with a Bergerac remake.

I suspect 2013 will reveal even more hidden talents from the many skilled and creative PDDCS members!


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