Scientists in America make medical progress to restore hearing

Scientists this week have reported amazing recent discoveries made at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear infirmary and Harvard Medical School in the search for a cure for deafness.  The scientists have been testing a drug on mice to see if it would repair the damage to the ear which causes hearing loss.  The mice were completely deaf and had relatively few hairs in their cochlear, i.e. those which detect sound.

The test results suggest new hair cells can be induced. The drug apparently works by converting cells operating in one function into cells that detect sounds. Those tiny hairs in the inner ear then send a signal to the brain.  The findings indicate partial recovery of hearing in ears damaged by noise trauma can be achieved. However they are not near the stage of generating these hairs in humans.

The drug is currently named LY411575.   The research was was published in the journal Neuron,

The full story is here and Action on Hearing Loss have provided a transcript of the video on that page here.


3 thoughts on “Scientists in America make medical progress to restore hearing

  1. A good breakthrough in the field of science, if the development continues to push through then, many people especially the elderly could revive back their sense of hearing. The only thing they will be worrying will be their medications.


  2. Discoveries and developments in the field if medicine such as what we got here has been very helpful to the society. As one can see, if the continuous discovery of different kind of cure and medicinal supplements, it'll brought upon a constant cure to almost any kind of disorder may it be internally, externally or both. In this way, the society is rest assured that they could live healthily in their perspective places.


  3. I must agree with Martin and Nadine, it's inevitable for people to discover more things in health that benefit the human race. What's great about our work is that urgent response to our body conditions is always present to a lot of hospitals in the country.


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