Toddler update!

From Amy Casselden

A small gathering at the PDDCS Toddler group last week because of the weather but we didn’t mind as it was Drakes 2nd Birthday and it meant more cake for us. Yum!

Don’t forget to pass the message on to anyone you know with a deaf pre-school child that we have the toddler group every two weeks on a Thursday. We are very lucky to have our Audiologist there to do any new ear moulds that are needed as those little ears grow so quickly. We also have our teachers of the deaf at hand to answer any questions you may have. It’s like a one-stop shop with tea and biscuits!

We always have a great morning and there are lots of toys for the children to play with which leaves the adults to drink tea and chat! It is a great chance to have a good chat with people on a similar path which is a great help!

Any questions please call or text me on 07816911744 and check out our Toddler page


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