Hollyoaks cochlear implant story line develops

<div class="fbDesktopChatMessage" id="entry_”>Popular Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks is exploring the decision many parents of deaf children face when confronted with the news that their child is profoundly deaf. As we reported in December, main characters Darren and Nancy are dealing with the news that their son, Oscar, has been diagnosed as profoundly deaf. 

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<div class="fbDesktopChatMessage" id="entry_”>Since then, baby Oscar has been referred to a consultant with a view to giving him a cochlear implant. Nancy, believing that cochlear implants would restore natural hearing, was dismayed when the consultant revealed the limitations of cochlear implant technology.

It has to be said that, maybe in the interests of the developing conflict between Nancy and Darren in storyline, the consultant delivered what could be described as a harsh appraisal of the potential benefits of an implant over the risks. Nevertheless, the issues presented by cochlear implantation are being explored on mainstream TV. Check the latest episode here.

You can read more about cochlear implants here and in our anonymous ‘One Mother’s Diary’ series which expolores the very same choices both at a young age and at teenage.