PDDCS members: teaching the University teachers

Students relaxed in their teaching role

Educational research often indicates students make the best teachers and this is quite true when it comes to the deaf awareness sessions delivered by our PDDCS members.
Earlier this month 6 young deaf students went to Cambridge University to deliver a workshop to the PGCE lecturers. The lecturers really enjoyed the fun and interactive session, planned and led solely by the students. Many commented how much it reminded them of the learning experienced daily by students in the classroom.

Hmmm, what hard spellings should I give them?.. she ponders

The PDDCS members have often supported the deaf awareness training delivered to trainee teachers in their school setting. However the confidence boost from the ‘Look Smile Chat’ national campaign has encouraged the students to move away from the comfort zone of school and also deliver their training sessions in Cambridge University.

Within the one hour workshop the students promote good deaf awareness tactics, increase audiology knowledge and educate the learners so that they can hold a basic conversation in BSL. The learners i.e. the teachers/lecturers question the students about their mainstream learning experiences.  

Oh no, the learners had forgotten there was an extension task. Differentiation is of course key to a successful lesson

Hopefully all these learners will reflect upon their classroom practices to develop further generations of more ‘deaf-aware’ teachers with deaf-friendly lessons.


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