Barry Pullen MBE is an award-winning role model of a Grandad.

NDCS volunteer, Barry Pullen won a ‘Diamond Champion’ award last year for his ‘Outstanding voluntary contribution to the community. A well deserved award. Barry is well loved and devoted Grandad of one of our members, Daniel Monaf. 
When Daniel was diagnosed as deaf, Barry turned his attention to making life better for all deaf children and their families. Barry tells us about winning the award:
“I went to the Sloane Club in London last October with my daughter Liz Monaf to received the award from Patricia Routledge, well known as Hyacinth Bouquet in Keeping Up Appearances. There were 60 volunteers who were selected to get the award (60 because it was tied in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee). It was a lovely afternoon and Patricia was absolutely charming – very much like her alter-ego Hyacinth!

When Daniel was born I didn’t really know how to help Liz and Dean (Daughter and Son-in-law) but with the help of the NDCS and by meeting other grandparents at PDDCS, I found my way!

As pay-back I started volunteering about 3 years ago and have been very involved with the Newly Identified Families Weekends all over the country. On behalf of NDCS I also started giving a presentation “A Deaf Child in My Family” to newly qualified Newborn Hearing Screeners in London and Manchester on a regular basis – I do about 6 sessions a year, normally to 20 or so new screeners, many of whom have no experience of deafness!

When Valerie Copenhagen of NDCS called me last year to tell me that I had been chosen as the NDCS nomination for this award, I was very humbled. My volunteering is something I love to do because at the end of a Newly Identified weekend, it is obvious that the young parents have found friendship, reassurance and inspiration from what they have been told in the various presentations and by talking to the various guest speakers.

The friendship I’ve found at PDDCS events has been wonderful and I will be ever grateful to all my new friends of all ages.”

Thank you, Barry from all of us at PDDCS.


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