NDCS Listening bus

Last week the NDCS Listening Bus visited Peterborough. The unique information service was delivered to deaf children from ages 5-17; their families and hearing friends and the professionals working with them.

The children enjoyed a range of workshops alongside demonstrations of the equipment available to give deaf children and young people more independence. The demos for the flashing doorbells and vibrating alarm clocks captured the attention of the children/young people and their hearing peers.  A very enjoyable and informative day for all.

Missed this opportunity? Want to catch the Listening Bus? –  their map is located at the bottom of this post

Oh, is there someone at the door?
PDDCS member, Charlotte, checks the door. She welcomes the NDCS visitors in
A closer inspection for how the doorbell actually functions
The NDCS team show a version of the vibrating alarm clock for holidays and travelling
The vibrations from the alarm clock were so strong. Would wake many a sleepy teenager!!

Items can be purchased from:
Action on Hearing Loss http://www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/shop.aspx
Connevans http://www.connevans.com/
Sarabec http://www.sarabec.com/



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