New early years BSL resources

Following the PDDCS Family Fun Day we have learnt of great new early educational resources now available from Communicating Hands. They forwarded the following press release:

Remark! have also covered this press release. Their BSL translation can be found here

New early years BSL resources have been recently released as an educational tool for both Deaf and hearing children for use at home, nurseries and pre-schools.

There is no doubt that children’s early years, whether they are Deaf or hearing, are the most important. Early intervention is critical for language acquisition. So laying the right foundation, in the proper way, is a necessity, as it will ultimately shape a child’s whole future.

The BSL interactive Flash Cards that have been produced have been designed to encourage learning at home with parents’ involvement, or at pre-schools for ‘FUN’, engaging activities. By playing different games with the cards children will quickly build up their vocabulary with pictures, signs, have early letter recognition, spell and read simple words and improve their memory and concentrations skills.

The first in a series of’ IRead’ booklets entitled ‘I Can Read- Colours’ has now been produced. This booklet provides visual pictures, BSL signs and words for the kinaesthetic and visual connections, which many children need to aid the reading process. A2 laminated posters have also been produced for the alphabet and colours. These are useful for use at home and preschools. More products are scheduled for later this year.
These products are designed to help create signing environments at nurseries and pre-schools so that Deaf children can experience true inclusion. Also to improve literacy levels and supporting Deaf children throughout their early years.

 For further information go to


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