Chloe’s first belt in Taekwondo

Two months ago PDDCS members accessed free Taekwondo sessions with Evolution Taekwondo, Peterborough. Some of the young people continued training with the centre and just recently Chloe has recently achieved her first belt. With her high level of fitness and flexibility from her gymnastics Chloe was able to obtain the grading in less than the standard twelve weeks.
It was explained that Chloe generally attends training twice a week: two x one hour lessons and one of these is followed by a circuit class which is roughly 30 minutes of hard work.  Due to her gymnastics commitments she trains in the adult class which normally starts around the age of 13. She has already received high praise from some of the instructors and her gymnastic training has made her a natural, putting some of the adults fitness and flexibility to shame.
In her grading she had to learn her 1st pattern called “il jang” all students performed this in front of the instructors. This was followed by some 1 for 1 kicking, displayed their kicking and hand skills. This also involved some light sparring and fitness drills. The whole grading was roughly one hour long followed by comments from the instructors before being award their certificates and new belts.
Well done Chloe!!

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