No such thing as empty space – A sound project by Matt Lewis and national deafblind charity Sense

Opening: 19/06/15 – 24/06/15 |FreeSENSE

A sound project by Matt Lewis and national deafblind charity Sense

No such thing as an empty space is a touring immersive audio installation created by Matt Lewis in collaboration with people with sensory loss from around the country. The work creatively inquires into the extremes, deficits and vagaries of auditory and haptic perception. The intention being not merely to recreate aspects of the deafblind experience but to shed light on the intricacies of human perception in general.

The material used in the installation has been drawn from recordings made by over 80 people over 6 months in sites ranging from airports and stations to cathedrals and swimming pools. The project has also involved the input of audiologists, sound designers, musicians and psychologists. The installation has been designed by the sound art group Call & Response and developed in-situ at Metal Peterborough as part of Matt’s Time & Space residency at there.

More information about the project:

Dates & times:

19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th June- Metal Peterborough 11-4pm (19th June 11am -7pm)

Matt Lewis Blog: 

Matt Lewis is a musician and sound-artist based in London. Key areas of interest include the politics of sound, Foley, urbanism, notation and alternative methods of media distribution. His work is most often focused on particular physical sites, or around particular social issues, such as regeneration and street vending. In September 2014 Matt was commissioned by national deafblind charity Sense to develop and lead a project focussing on deafblind experience of the world. As part of this project he has been working with deafblind people from around the UK and specifically from the Eastern region in making recordings, performing music and in other creative sessions. The project is now in its 2nd phase and in this phase, using material collected in the process described above to compose a generative multichannel audio piece. This process has been taking place at Sense’s largest national centre in Hampton just outside Peterborough. Matt will be using the time at Metal to create an immersive multichannel, haptic audio installation.

This project has been supported using public funding by Arts Council England

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